Monday, 29 July 2013

I just love Vernon Ah Kee's large portraits. With an hour or two to spare today I visited QAGOMA to see the 'My Country', I still Call Australia Home: Contemporary Art from Black Australia. Some pieces I have seen before in touring exhibitions, especially the Fiona Foley's but they are so potent. Loved the large Vincent Serocco, and much more. I can't go past beautiful drawing skills like Danie Mellor's or the miniature churches made from miniature bibles of Archie Moore. I walked out with a great sense of loss after the exhibition. The visit to the State Library to see the show Kevin Wilson curated (although I don't see his name on the brochure) - 'Live, Queensland Band Culture' on until 15 September. Lots of music, colour, and references to a celebrated musical past.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Getting excited about the upcoming road trip with Lindsay, and friends Kerri and Rudi from Sydney to Canberra to see the Turner exhibition next weekend. Our last road trip was to see the Renaissance exhibition at the NGA. I even got to see the Portrait Gallery for the first time. Bring on next weekend.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sad to leave all the new frinds from Maitland, but also itching to get back to 'my' gallery to put some things into practice from Maitland. My day in Newcastle was spent seeing 2 galleries - the end of year diploma students work at the TAFE gallery, and visiting Newcastle Gallery which was in install mode downstairs. I did notice that the install team was mostly young men dressed in black who wore black gloves! Now there's an attitude. A bit disappointd after Maitland, maybe due to the only half gallery open and all the roadworks outside, and it seemed dark on entering. They had an exhibition from their collection on which was interesting. No cafe though, although I believe in their refurbishments happening soon there will be a cafe and a theatre. That might be a better time to come back. Of course Fancis Bacon: five decades on at the AGNSW was worth seeing, and the similoarities to Brett Whitley were obvious which I guess coming from the same era and being friends could account for that. There is always so much to see at the AGNSW, and the Dobell Drawing Prize was a bonus. Standing around the winning entry and listening to tother comments is always indightful...mmmm. Can't remember the winning title at present but there was some inspiring pieces and some ho hum work of course depending on your tastes. I still go for skill and original approach. Loved the David Fairbourne and noted a couple of techniques that could be useful. A trip to the EH Ivine Gallery was a first for me, and after lunch and finding I had left my mobile phone in the taxi (which was returned to me at the same spot within half an hour - phew how lucky!!) I had the opportunity to see the Blake prize. again the diversity of entries and subject matter is noted. Nice spot, good views. Today hopefully MCA and White Rabbit.... weather has cooled down and windy. Staying with and seeing old frinds is a joy and a pleasure. But photos will have to wait untilI get home as I have discovered it is the blog program I use that stops me uploading images through iPAD.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

weekend wanderings

Only 2 more work days left at hoo.
I feel like I have packed a lot in from the Gallery side. Even visited Lake Macquarie Gallery, (also lovely), great exhibition there called 'look closely now', confounding, surprising and enchanting.
found Cessnock Regional Gallery, much smaller and only one worker paid, the Director, but not by Council. I was lucky to be there for an opening, in between wine sampling in the Hunter vineyards. Tried to retrace my footsteps from a visit with Lindsay 30 years ago to see what was still there or changed - lots!! Today I checked out the town of Morpeth for breakfast, such a lovely small township with lots of old buildings. Went to Dungog to see another small gallery but it was closed, but the town was lovely too, with references on the buildings to its heritage. Good to see, and interesting little bits of information to be gleaned. I even got to sketch beside the creek at the Chichester Dam. It was 35 degrees at 6pm. And just to keep my culture up, tonight I enjoyed a rolicking melodrama called 'Only an Orphan Girl' put on by the local Theatre group - with dinner. Taking it all in, immersing myself in the local culture.... Newcastle and Sydney after this. Now that will be another story... and more galleries of course.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

aaah photos....Wednesday 21st November 13

Wow, finally got to download some images from Maitland Regional Gallery. First one is the main street mall at 8.30am....
then I got to the Gallery, and as mentioned before... the Gallery is Maitland!
Some shots of the opening, the dinner afterwards, the floor talk, some install stuff, the Director Joe, some of the wonderful volunteers and staff and the cafe and of course food!!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

How time flies....
I don't even remember what day this is, and how long it is since I last blogged.
My ambitions of blogging each day has gone out the window, and I still haven't got around to putting any images up. It's just not right - working in a visual environment and no visuals!!!
I do apologise. I don't have a computer to upload yet.

So far I have spent time talking to Michlle who looks after exhibition touring, spent time installing, watching and taking note of new ways to do things, and offering some suggestions from my end... yes I have dared to offer some exchange information, which makes me feel good that i can do that. I hsve noted lots of similarities, well being in the same environment there would have to be. and today I spent the whole day with the Shop Coordinator... watch out Pamela, it's all good!
There was the opening of 5 exhibitions on Saturday afternoon, big crowd, including a bus load of artists that traveled up from Sydney as part of the 'Inspiring Artists' exhibition upstaits. These were some of the artists who have received grants through the Pat Corrigan tust over the years, and Pat Corrigan was there, and they all stayed for the dinner afterwards - dinner for about 100 in the cafe. Great food, and great company.
I was fortunate to sit with GW Bot for the dinner so had my own artist talk before the official one on Sunday, which about 30 people turned up for. I coud identify with her 'glyphs' and her link to the Australian landscape, and there is nothing more importnt than being in the 'now'. This is where it is at, baby.
I am now begginning to feel like I have been here for quite some time, as the place and people are becoming very familiar.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 2

Why had I not heard of Museum Gel before now?

Really enjoyed being up close and personal to the Chrisine White and GW Bot exhibitions today. Looking foward to the opening on Saturday and the dinner afterwards, and meeting GW Bot at the floor talk on Sunday. Life is good.