Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day one in Maitland

wow what a day. Maitland Regional Gallery is big. in fact from what I have seen of maitland so far, you could be mistaken that the Gallery looks like it came from another planet as it is so contemporary and busy and alive compared to outside the Gallery. I can see why locals like it and even the taxi driver rated their food the best. My mentor and muse Kym, the Deputy director has been very patient and informative today. We have talked heaps, and I have met so many staff, and walked around the rabbit warrens, helped install an exhibition, and tasted the cafe wares (and yes it is good). I can see I am going to be overloaded with all good information to take home, and look forward to spending a bit of time with Joe the Director in his busy schedule. I tend to think Maitland is very similar to Gympie, same sort of shops in the main street, only longer, and problems with empty shops, similar historical feel, and the gallery is like ours, being a heritage building with contemporary add ons, but on steroids compared to us. Todays take home tips: a different way to install/hang artworks, glass shelving boxes look good in the shop, larger promotion out front. There is lots more, but I'll save it for another time. And when I get to find out to put photos on here, especially from my iPad, you'll get to see images!!


  1. This is great Joolie! Love your page image...where did you find that?
    And good to hear your mentor and muse has a great name!
    I will be watching and listening to your blog with great interest.
    thank you, and well done, Kym B

    1. the page image is a stock one Kym - no imagination from me sorry. if i get an opportunity to change it with a relevant image i will... although not rushing into it.